What do we mean by the obligation to use telework?

What do we mean by the obligation to use telework?

Last update: 31/05/2021

Until 13 June inclusive at least, teleworking is compulsory as soon as it is practicable. This concerns both the public sector and the private sector. Teleworking can only be done with the agreement of the worker.

The aim is to limit as much as possible the movement of people and the people-to-people contact that promotes the spread of the virus.

For the private sector, when the nature of the employee’s activity is compatible with his remote exercise and the employer can make the technical and material resources necessary for such an exercise available to him, the employer must, as long as ” exist measures relating to the temporary regulation of travel taken by the Minister of State in order to fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, allowing the employee, subject to his agreement, to carry out his remote work activity throughout or part of his working time. The implementation of remote work, including teleworking, must be notified to the Labor Directorate by the employer using the form established by this directorate. The insurer-law covering the risk of industrial accident – occupational disease must be notified by the employer.

For the public sector, remote work must be used for the entire weekly working time of the civil servant or agent of the State, with his agreement, provided that the nature of his activity is compatible with its exercise remotely and that it has the technical and material resources necessary for such an exercise. These mandatory provisions apply whether his place of residence is located in the Principality of Monaco, France or Italy.

On-site presence should only be permitted for civil servants and state agents whose missions cannot be carried out, in whole or in part, by working remotely, regardless of their place of residence.

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