Last update: 03/07/2020

Yes. The Monegasque Bus Company (CAM) is resuming normal service for all buses, including the Bateau Bus (water bus). The only exceptions to this are the night services, N1 and N2, which will remain closed.

The following health measures apply:

  • The wearing of masks is mandatory on public transport
  • No tickets will be sold on board: There are 12 automatic ticket machines located throughout the Principality, and the shop at 22/24 Rue du Gabian is open from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 pm

The following procedures continue to apply:

  • Buses will be disinfected twice a day
  • Buses will stop at every stop (to avoid the need for people to press the buttons)
  • Passengers will enter buses using the middle or rear doors

About trains

The line Thello is closed until the 14th of May.

For real-time information on trains to and from Monaco you can consult the following link :

About buses for and from France

Zest buses and line 100 are reinforced for workers to Monaco.

Line 100 offers departuress every 20 minutes.

Zest line 18 is resuming it’s normal service.
The Zest transport network is free of charge until the end of May.
For more information : 


To plan your travel in the Principality, you can download the Citymapper app, where information is updated daily by the Prince’s Government as the situation changes.

France reopened its borders with Europe on 15 June, based on the principle of reciprocity: any resident of a country from within the European space which has opened its borders to France can now enter the country without restriction.

However, since restrictions and conditions differ from one country to the next, you are advised to check carefully before travelling within the European space.

In addition, Europe’s external borders will remain closed until 1 July 2020, when France will begin gradually opening its external Schengen borders. This opening will be handled on a differentiated basis depending on the health situation in different third countries and in accordance with procedures agreed at the European level.

For more information, see

Any person, regardless of nationality, who enters the Principality and does not come from the European Area (Member States of the European Union), United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Holly See, Liechtenstein, Andorra and San-Marino) must contact the COVID19 call center as soon as they return to Monaco: 92 05 55 00 from 9.00am to 6.00pm or

These people arriving on Monegasque territory may be placed in quarantine by decision of the Director of Health Affairs, accompanied, if necessary, by a certificate of cessation of work drawn up by a Medical Inspector of Public Health.

Persons returning from the European Area are not concerned by these measures.

Yes. Employees who have a season ticket and have been temporarily laid off can ask for their season ticket to be suspended by simply contacting the Public Car Parks Office at .

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Yes, of course but don’t forget to wash your hands carefully or use hand sanitiser before and after each time you rent a bike.

Use the PBSC app to check where you can pick up a bike before you go out.

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The Monegasque Bus Company (CAM) will operate according to its normal timetable. Increasing the number of services will help to prevent buses from becoming too busy. It is worth noting that not all businesses or students will be returning to work and school immediately. We should not therefore see the kind of crowds you would expect to see in the Principality under normal circumstances from Monday 4 May. In addition, it will be mandatory to wear a mask on public transport.

Yes, free movement is restored between France and Italy.

Indeed, on 15 June, France reopened its borders to Europe with, however, special conditions concerning certain countries.

For more information consult

The health rules which apply at Monaco railway station are the same as those that apply in any other space open to the public in Monaco, as well as at French railway stations, i.e. social distancing and the wearing of masks are mandatory both in stations and on trains. .

In France, law enforcement and rail transport police officers will be conducting screening at the entrances to major railway stations.

Failure to wear a mask will be punishable by a fine of €135 (France).

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office is resuming theory and practical tests for driving licences in three phases.

  • Monday 11 May: Resumption of the highway code theory test with one candidate per session.
  • Monday 18 May: Resumption of the practical manoeuvres test for motorcycle licences on the east sea wall in Fontvieille. All candidates must have their own equipment (helmet, gloves, etc.).
  • Tuesday 2 June: Resumption of practical driving tests for category B (car), motorcycle and heavy goods vehicle licences, with one candidate per vehicle.

For all tests, candidates should register through their driving school.
Candidates, driving instructors and driving licence examiners must wear masks. Barrier health measures, including hand-washing, cleaning and disinfection of IT equipment and vehicle controls and the use of disposable seat covers, will be implemented for all tests.

Yes. People are once again allowed to travel for any reason in France without any document.

Pleasure craft with a home port outside Monaco can now make a port of call in Monaco once again.

Yachts with a crew should submit a medical declaration of health to the Marine and Airport Police Division of the Police Department 48 hours before making a port of call.

All vessels wishing to make a port of call in Monaco must comply with the health protocol decided upon by the COVID-19 Unit.

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