Going out

Going out

Last update: 11/08/2020

Restrictions of movements are lifted in the Principality.

The rules of social distancing and preventive measures are still in force.



Yes. Even during lockdown, it is as critical as ever to donate blood and platelets since needs remain high. You are permitted to go and donate blood at Princess Grace Hospital Blood Transfusion Centre by appointment only – call (+377) 97 98 98 20

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Weddings may again be celebrated in the presence of the bride and groom, their witnesses and their parents only.

Marriage files can only be drawn up by appointment (Phone: 93 15 28 66).


Hospital visits are still limited. The department in which the person is hospitalized will inform you on the conditions of visits.

Wearing a mask is mandatory in public transport, indoor public spaces, queues and some outdoor areas :

  • The Prince’s Palace Place
  • The alleys of the old town of the Rocher
  • The Casino’s Place
  • The esplanade of the Fontvieille Shopping Centre
  • The surroundings and access areas to schools
  • Public transportation access areas, including bus stops and train station service roads : Allée Lazare Sauvaigo, Promenade Honoré II and Pont Sainte-Dévote
  • The areas adjacent to Casino’s Place that form the Carré d’Or, in particular Monte-Carlo One, the gardens on Avenue des Spélugues and the Boulingrins gardens
  • The Condamine and Monte-Carlo markets during their hours of operation

Moreover, if not mandatory, wearing a mask is highly recommended in all public space.

The masks that are being distributed to residents are free. In addition, people can also purchase masks from shops. The Government has decided to regulate the price of single-use masks. Prices have been set at €2.50 for a surgical mask and €7.50 for an FPP2 mask.

With the Prince’s Government having assessed the development of the health situation as satisfactory, business has resumed in several sectors of the economy on 2 June, provided that barrier measures and physical distancing are implemented. This includes restaurants and bars.

  • In restaurants:
    • Staff need to wear masks, but this will not apply to customers
    • Bookings is recommended
    • Tables are limited to 10 people (maximum), and there must be a distance of 50cm between people and 1 m or a physical separator (Plexiglas) between tables
    • Menus must be available digitally on smartphones
    • Individual condiments must be provided for each table to limit physical contact
    • Ambient music will need to be at a moderate level so that people do not have to raise their voices, thus limiting respiratory droplets
    • Valet services will be permitted provided that contact surfaces are disinfected every time
    • For the lunch service, a marked organization of the queues must be put in place if they are not avoidable, the wearing of mask is mandatory in the queues
  • In bars:
    • Customers compulsorily need to be seated
    • Tables are limited to a maximum of 10 people
    • Ambient music need to be at a moderate level so that people do not have to raise their voices, thus limiting respiratory droplets

Generally speaking, authorised gatherings in public spaces will now be able to include up to ten people, rather than five as previously.

Nevertheless, the health authorities continue to recommend maintaining a distance of 1 meter.

All swimming pools (public and private) are reopen provided that they comply with the sanitary measures requested by the Government.

However, saunas, hammams, as well as baths or whirlpools, known as spas or jacuzzis, remain closed.

The theatres and cinemas, must comply with the preventive measures laid down by the Government.

Groups booking together or coming together may be placed side by side up to a maximum of 10 people.

These provisions do not negate the importance of complying with barrier measures and basic sterilisation rules, such as regular hand-washing and the wearing of masks remains mandatory except for children under five.

Gyms and any public or private sports installations and equipment are reopen, subject to the preventive measures stipulated by the Government.

Urban sports installations and equipment are reopen.

All departments, which usually deal directly with the public, are open.

Depending on how the premises are laid out, an appointment may be required.

You are advised to contact the relevant department before going out.

This is not prohibited, but we strongly recommend that you take the same health precautions at home as you would in public. All gatherings of more than ten people remain prohibited.

Whether you are with friends or family, you are strongly advised to maintain social distancing to avoid facilitating the spread of the virus, which is still out there.

Yes, but subject to conditions. Homes will be organising the resumption of family visits maximum three times a week by appointment. Please contact homes for details of practical arrangements.

The reopening of nightclubs is not on the agenda at the moment.

Any question about coronavirus ?
  92 05 55 00
The Covid19 call centre is available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm
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