Health pass

Health pass

Last update: 23/07/2021

Monaco is implementing its health pass, the MONACO SAFE PASS.

This document will be usable in the Principality and in France.

You will also be able (on a voluntary basis) to convert the Monaco Safe Pass into a European Health Pass which will be recognized in European Union countries and in countries having agreements with France and the European Union.


If you are already fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 : click here to request your Health Pass

A health pass allows you to indicate with certainty whether you are:

    • Fully vaccinated (i.e. your vaccination cycle * is over)


    • Recovered from Covid19 for a minimum of 11 days and a maximum of 6 months


    • In possession of a negative PCR or antigen test of -48 hours

*The vaccination cycle is considered to have ended 7 days after the last dose received


It takes the form of a document that you can print or keep on your smartphone.

It is provided with a QRCode which will be scanned by the persons in charge of the control and who will validate your status with respect to COVID19.

The Prince's Government will distribute 2 types of Health Pass:

  • The Monaco Safe Pass valid in Monaco and France
  • The European Health Pass acknowledged by the countries of the European Union and by countries having agreements with France and the European Union

All the information relating to these two types of Health Pass is available by following this link.

There are four different scenarios for obtaining this health pass:

  • People vaccinated from 2 July 2021
    Will receive the health pass on site following after the vaccines has been administered. The health pass will be activated 7 days after the administration of the last dose.
  • People performing a PCR test from 2 July 2021
    Will receive the Health Pass with the results by SMS
  • People recovered from COVID-19 (positive PCR test of + 11 days and -6 months)
    Must apply for the Health Pass by filling out the form available by following this link
  • People vaccinated before 2 July 2021
    Must apply for the Health Pass by filling out the form available by following this link

When applying for your Health Pass online :

  • Please take care to fill in every item on the questionnaire to avoid any delay in delivery and any possible error
  • Ensure that you have the documents that were given to you during your vaccination or after recovery
  • Check the information before confirming the sending


You can collect your a paper version of your Health Pass at the reception desk of the Auditorium Rainier III from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm


  • The Monaco Safe Pass can be used in the Principality of Monaco and in France
  • The European Pass is valid in Monaco and in the countries of the European Union as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland
    • The European Pass is the result of the conversion of the Monaco Safe Pass into a European health pass recognized in the countries of the European Union
    • Monegasques and Residents who want this Pass do so by giving their informed consent when requesting their Health Pass because personal data will transit through France, the country where the Monaco Safe Pass will be converted. Note that no data will be stored in France
    • A Health Pass does not in any way exempt from health rules in the countries. It is advisable to find out about the measures in force in the country of your destination.
    • In addition, a Health Pass does not replace traditional travel documents such as passports, visas, etc.

To learn more about the progress of the implementation of the health pass in Europe please click here.

While waiting for the issuance of the health pass, the usual sanitary arrangements predominate.

Any checks will be carried out on the basis of any document justifying, as the case may be, the negative result of a virological test, the vaccination status or the certificate of recovery.

Yes, you will receive a Health Pass by SMS with the results of your PCR test.

In this case you must deal with your National Health Pass system.

You can apply online with the contact details of the person being vaccinated and receive their digital Health Pass by indicating your email adress, if the person does not have one.

You will then be able to integrate it into their mobile phone so that they can use it when they travel.

The protection of personal data is guaranteed.

  • Regarding the Monaco Safe Pass, all data is stored in the Principality of Monaco
  • Regarding the European Pass, the data passes through France when converting the Monaco Safe Pass into a European Pass but they are not stored there

When checking a health pass in the Principality, the data visible to the inspector are only the user's last name, first name and date of birth and the color of the health pass. The reading application does not give any details on the type of proof checked, nor the reason for the possible invalidity of the proof.

Yes. The Health Pass is issued at the end of the vaccination cycle, regardless of whether it started abroad.

In a first email you will receive a QR code corresponding to your first vaccination. A few hours later, you will receive in a second email the QR code which validates your second vaccination and which, when checked, will be displayed in green.

The Monaco Government issues both vaccination certificates as some countries outside the European Union may require these two proofs to enter their territory.

In Monaco and in Europe, only the QR code of the second vaccination is required.

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It should be noted that the use of the "Tous Anti Covid Vérif" application is regulated by the Ministerial Decision of July 1, 2021 relating to the health pass. Its use is exclusively reserved for professionals concerned by the implementation of a health pass control.


The "Tous Anti Covid Verif" app can be downloaded for:

How to use the app?

Scan the health pass QR code presented by the client:

  • The app turns green and displays the text Valide (Valid)
  • The app turns red and displays the text Non valide (Not valid)

Please note: When checking the validity of a client’s health pass, you should ask to see proof of their identity. The names shown on the health pass and the proof of identity must be identical.

If their identity is confirmed and their health pass is valid, the client may enter.

TousAntiCovid Verif - Mode d'emploi


All information relating to the persons as well as the documents to be checked is available by following this link.

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