School and Education

School and Education

Last update: 10/01/2022

The Prince’s Government is launching an unprecedented screening campaign at the start of the new school term. From 3 January, pupils and school staff will be offered a free self-test. This will be carried out on a voluntary basis, with parental authorisation.

This screening will consist of rapid nasal self-tests that are non-invasive, easy to use and recommended by paediatricians.

The aim is to ensure that positive cases are dealt with immediately, so as to break the chains of infection rapidly and recommence on a sound basis.

It is compulsory for all pupils, at all levels, to wear them at school and during physical education and sports (PE) classes, both indoors and outdoors.

In the event of a positive case within a class, it will be closed after an epidemiological investigation by the health authorities.

  • In kindergarten, as soon as a positive case is revealed among the students (due to not wearing a mask)
  • From the elementary level, the closing of the class can be pronounced from 3 people tested positive in the same class, in the event of suspicion of contamination in school environment.

For people considered to be low-risk contact cases (not placed in eviction), PCR tests will continue to be performed in schools.

For people considered to be high-risk contact cases (eg breaking the wearing of a mask during lunch), they will be evicted whether or not they are vaccinated.

Masks must be worn during Physical Education and Sport (PE) classes by all students at all levels, both indoors and outdoors.

The Prince's Government has decided that access to schools will not be conditional on the presentation of a health pass, both for students over 16 years of age and for teaching and non-teaching staff.

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