School and Education

School and Education

Last update: 03/09/2021

In the event of a positive case within a class, it will be closed after an epidemiological investigation by the health authorities.

  • In kindergarten, as soon as a positive case is revealed among the students (due to not wearing a mask)
  • From the elementary level, the closing of the class can be pronounced from 3 people tested positive in the same class, in the event of suspicion of contamination in school environment.

For people considered to be low-risk contact cases (not placed in eviction), PCR tests will continue to be performed in schools.

For people considered to be high-risk contact cases (eg breaking the wearing of a mask during lunch), they will be evicted whether or not they are vaccinated.

In application of the ministerial decisions in force, the main health measures implemented in schools are:

  • Hand washing and disinfection, several times a day
  • The provision of hydro-alcoholic gel
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory for all staff and students from CP
  • Limiting student mixing
  • Respect for distance
  • Reinforced disinfection and ventilation of the premises

These measures have demonstrated their effectiveness throughout the past school year: schools have welcomed all students face-to-face and no school closures linked to COVID-19 have been declared.

In view of the current situation, the Prince's Government does not wish to implement vaccination campaigns in schools at the start of the school year.

However, the Government strongly encourages vaccination.

  • Schoolchildren over 12, Monegasques or residents, can therefore receive the vaccine at the national vaccination center. The agreement of legal officials is essential.
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff have the option of getting vaccinated at the national vaccination center, whether or not the person is a resident.

You can contact the national vaccination center on 92 05 55 00.

Physical and sports education and school swimming will be provided in accordance with the health measures decreed by the Prince's Government, namely:

  • If sports education is provided indoors, wearing a mask is compulsory for students from CP and staff (except for students preparing for end-of-cycle exams)
  • If sports education is provided outdoors, wearing a mask is required as soon as sports practice is stopped

Regarding the day of the start of the school year, in order to guarantee everyone's health and safety, the reception of students and their legal guardians will take place in accordance with the following health measures:

  • The call is organized by level and with due regard for physical distancing
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory for all members of the educational community (students from grade 1, families and staff)
  • Only one parent can access the establishment to accompany their child
  • If possible, the call takes place outside on the playgrounds

As far as possible, elementary schools allow families to drop off their child's school materials before the start of the school year.

The Prince's Government has decided that access to schools will not be conditional on the presentation of a health pass, both for students over 16 years of age and for teaching and non-teaching staff.

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