Last update: 12/01/2021

The Prince’s Government has decided to close gyms and swimming pools and to prohibit, more generally, the practice of sport in closed spaces, including school sports, for three weeks (until 19 March inclusive). Sports coaches can, however, continue to offer private lessons to one person only (indoors or outdoors).

No, the activities of amateur sports associations and federations are suspended, with the exception of sports practiced by high-level sportsmen and women outside covered infrastructures, while respecting a two-metre contact-free gap between two people.

High-level training and matches are taking place behind closed doors.

Coaching indoor is supsended, however it is authorized for local sports coaches, outdoor,  with only one client at a time.

Swimming pools, spas and jacuzzis are closed until further notice.

Yes, as long as you are alone and/ or respecting a distance of 2 metres between two people is maintained, with no contact.

Coaching is authorized for local sports coaches only as long as the session happens outdoor and there is only one participant (in addition to the coach) .

No, all swimming pools, as well as baths or whirlpools, known as spas or jacuzzis, remain closed until further notice.

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