What results has the testing campaign produced?

What results has the testing campaign produced?

Last update: 31/07/2020

The COVID-19 testing campaign conducted by the Prince’s Government has allowed nearly 38,209 people to be tested in the Principality.

Those tested have expressed their satisfaction at being able to find out their serological status quickly and free of charge.

As of 15 June, of the 38,209 people tested, a total of 983 rapid diagnostic tests were positive. Following serological confirmation through a full blood test, 228 people were confirmed to be positive, representing 0.67% of all those tested.

Only one case of active COVID-19 was identified and was subject to monitoring protocols.

In addition to Monegasque residents and employees, the following were tested:

  • 259 children under 5 at Grimaldi Forum and in crèches
  • 2.377 school pupils at test sites
  • 5.838 people over 65 in their homes if they had trouble travelling
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