What should I do if teleworking is not possible in my business?

What should I do if teleworking is not possible in my business?

Dernière modification le 11/09/2020

In this case, it will only be possible for high-risk contacts to benefit from a certificate of absence from work from the OMT, until the results of their PCR test are available.

Low-risk contacts can return to work while respecting the enhanced barrier measures among those around them.

Definition of high-risk contact (if no mask is worn):

  • Sharing the living space of a symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID case (for example  family, same bedroom)
  • Face-to-face discussion at less than 1 m, regardless of duration
  • Contact at less than 1m50 for more than 15 min
    (These two situations often occur when a meal is taken together, during a coffee break or cigarette break or when taking part in sport in close proximity)
  • Meeting in an enclosed space for more than 15 min. at a distance of less than 1m50


Definition of low risk contact:

  • Pupils or teachers in the same class
  • Immediate neighbour in the office at a distance of less than 1.50 m who is wearing a mask
  • Situations in which barrier measures are frequently not observed:  for example, being present in or having close contact in a changing room/cloakroom or refectory at the same time as a positive case.


Definition of enhanced barrier measures:

  • Wearing a mask at all times
  • Strict hand hygiene
  • Not sharing work tools (such as computers, telephones, tools, personal protective equipment, etc.)
  • No breaks or meals to be taken together
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