Can I visit Italy during the festive season?

Can I visit Italy during the festive season?

Dernière modification le 17/12/2020

The rules are changing during the festive season.

Between 21 December and 6 January, all travellers from France will have to quarantine in place (for 14 days) “even if they have a negative test result” says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Exceptions: Under Italian regulations, some travellers are not required to present a test result or to quarantine. But the rules here are also strict. Testing and quarantine requirements are waived in the following circumstances:

  • For a visit not exceeding 120 hours made for proven work, health or extreme emergency reasons
  • If transiting Italian territory using private transport for a period of no more than 36 hours
  • Cross-border workers entering and leaving the country for proven work purposes and the subsequent return to their residence, home or dwelling
  • Employees of companies and institutions whose head or secondary office is in Italy, who may be going to or arriving from France for a business trip lasting no more than 120 hours


Conclusion: if you want to do some shopping or buy cigarettes in Italy, you will not be exempt from the requirement to present a negative test or to quarantine…

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