National Serological Monitoring

National Serological Monitoring

Last update: 28/02/2022

In order to know and monitor the level of protection of the population against COVID-19, the Prince’s Government is offering to people residing in the Principality of Monaco, to have their serological monitoring carried out free of charge.

The goal is, using a blood test, to determine the patient’s level of protection against COVID-19. Thanks to the various results collected by the health authorities, it will be possible to reliably establish epidemiological surveillance in the Principality.

Anyone previously vaccinated, or having been infected with COVID-19 and wishing to know their level of protection against COVID-19, can call to be called back later for an appointment.

After infection or after vaccination against COVID-19, the body reacts by producing different antibodies that can be measured.

With a simple blood test, you can find out about your level of protection or whether you have been infected with the virus.

It should be noted that the duration of the antibodies may vary from one individual to another, which is why monitoring every 6 months is recommended, for the purpose of individual protection and those around them.

The results will be returned according to the same procedures as for the PCR tests carried out at the Screening Center using the computer system developed by the Department of Digital Services.

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