My child is due to take the Baccalauréat examinations this year, what will happen?

My child is due to take the Baccalauréat examinations this year, what will happen?

Last update: 04/06/2020

Final examinations for the General Secondary Education Diploma (Baccalauréat) have been cancelled in favour of continuous assessment. Only marks from the first two terms will be taken into account for award of the Baccalauréat. For pupils in Year 12, the French Baccalauréat oral examination has been cancelled, again to be replaced by continuous assessment.

As is the case every year, the Baccalauréat qualification will be awarded by an examining board from Nice Education Authority, chaired by a university academic and made up of school inspectors and teachers. The board will examine candidates’ school reports, review the academic performance of each candidate during the first two terms of Year 13 (as well as during Year 12) and take account of the feedback provided by teachers. As usual, the board will apply a standardisation process to ensure that all candidates are treated equally

If your child is in Year 12

French Baccalaureat

The oral examinations have been cancelled.

History-Geography, Modern Languages and Mathematics in the technological curriculum

The average mark for the purposes of the Baccalauréat will be the sum of the mark obtained during the first session of joint continuous assessments (E3C1) and the mark for those to be taken in Year 13 (E3C3).

The second session examinations (E3C2) have been cancelled.

Pupils who were unable to take the E3C1 assessments will need to take them as soon as the reopening conditions at their school allow, and before the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.

Teaching not continued in Year 13

The grade applied will be the average of the average marks for each of term 1 and term 2, as recorded in the school report for Year 12 (2019/2020). With regard to science classes, the grade for Year 12 continuous assessments will also be the average of the average marks for each of term 1 and term 2, as recorded in the school report for Year 12 (2019/2020).

If your child is in Year 13

Year 13 examinations will be validated on the basis of school reports or continuous assessment records. The board will determine final grades in light of the marks obtained during the course of Year 13. It will take account of all other aspects of the school report or continuous assessment record (pupil’s progress, effort noted by the class council, regular attendance) when awarding final grades.

The grades obtained in the Year 12 preliminary examinations will naturally be retained, as will any grades from a previous Baccalauréat session (in the case of those pupils repeating the year, for example).

Individual candidates who are not enrolled in an educational establishment, or whose preparations for the examinations mean that they are unable to produce a transcript of marks will take the final examinations that have been postponed until September

Honours and Retakes 

Honours will still be awarded.

The following can take the examinations in September:

  • Individual candidates enrolled for the June 2020 session
  • Candidates for the 2020 session who are unable to submit to the examining board a school report or continuous assessment record
  • Candidates who have submitted an incomplete school report or continuous assessment record and consequently do not have a grade for one or more mandatory examinations


Finally, given the circumstances, the board may, exceptionally and on the basis of school reports, allow candidates who have not been awarded a pass at the end of the July session to retake the examinations in September. In such cases, the grades obtained in the September examinations will replace those in the school report, offering candidates a second opportunity to obtain their Baccalauréat

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