All about masks

All about masks

Last update: 14/01/2021

Instructions for using protective masks

Wearing a mask is recommended in private places in the presence of others, particularly if it is a person outside the home or a vulnerable person.

Anyone over 5 years old must wear a mask in all public spaces and common areas of private spaces in the Principality (examples: bus, shopping arcade, public elevator, etc.).

Note: Wearing a mask is not required for people practicing outdoor sports, such as joggers. However, they will need to have one in their pocket in the event that their business is interrupted.

Wearing a mask, covering the mouth and nose, is compulsory:

  • on public roads
  • in outdoor public spaces
  • in underground parking lots
  • in all enclosed spaces open to the public,
  • in all establishments open to the public,
  • in all industrial buildings and in all buildings used as offices, unless the operator is in individual work and does not accommodate the public or if dividers at least 95 centimeters high from the desk top have been installed between the workstations
  • in the common areas of private enclosed spaces
  • in all public and private elevators
  • in public transport, taxis and large vehicles

However, this obligation does not apply to children under the age of five and to people engaged in outdoor sports. In the latter case, the person is nevertheless required to be in possession of a mask and to wear it as soon as they stop practicing sports.

Wearing a mask is recommended in private places in the presence of others, particularly if it is a person outside the home or a vulnerable person.

The Police is increasing its controls, since the measure of wearing a mask on public roads came into force on November 1st.

As provided for in Article 29 of the Criminal Code, the amount of the fine penalty is set for each class of contraventions according to the following categories:

  • In case of default: from 75 to 200 euros
  • In the event of a repeat offense: from 200 to 600 euros
  • In the event of a third verbalization in a month: from 1,000 to 2,250 euros (article 26 of the Criminal Code)

If you throw your mask or gloves on the ground, in a green space, or in the sea, you will be fined up to EUR 300 by the police.

Since the start of the lockdown, more and more masks are being found on the ground or placed on public bins.

Single-use protective masks are not made of paper, but of plastic.  Leaving them on the ground or in Nature is dangerous for rubbish collectors, passers-by and the environment.

In addition to the health issues posed by this litter, there is also a real ecological problem, because the masks take no less than 450 years to biodegrade and they disrupt the wastewater treatment systems.

The Government will issue washable fabric masks to the 38,000 residents of the Principality. With regard to employees, the Government will record requests for masks submitted by businesses across the economy. Companies will buy single-use surgical masks at cost price for distribution to their staff.

Two masks per day for residents and employees would amount to around 2.5 million masks per month. This would rapidly exhaust stocks, and so we are issuing fabric masks that last for a month. This keeps people safe and means that we can guarantee the supply of masks over the coming weeks.

To enable distribution to begin quickly, the Government is procuring masks from two Monegasque companies. This will also help to support the national economy during this time of crisis.

The masks will be delivered to all residents and Monegasque national, through letterboxes by teams from Monaco Town Hall.


The masks that are being distributed to residents are free. In addition, people can also purchase masks from shops. The Government has decided to regulate the price of single-use masks. Prices have been set at €2.50 for a surgical mask and €7.50 for an FPP2 mask.

You must wear a mask if you want to go into a shop. Customers without a mask will not be able to enter. However, traders can decide to supply masks to customers who may not have their own. This is up to individual traders.

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