Measures to lift the lockdown

Measures to lift the lockdown

Last update: 12/06/2020

With the Prince’s Government having assessed the development of the health situation as satisfactory, business will resume in several sectors of the economy on 2 June, provided that barrier measures and physical distancing are implemented.

However, the rules of social distancing and preventive measures are still in force.

It is recommended to continue to restrict travel to the maximum extent possible, in particular for vulnerable persons.

Wearing a mask during each outing is strongly recommended.

Moreover, all gatherings of more than five people remain prohibited in the public space or at home.

  • In restaurants:
    • Staff will need to wear masks, but this will not apply to customers
    • Booking is recommended
    • Tables will be limited to 10 people (maximum), and there must be a distance of  50 cm between people and 1.5 m or a physical separator (Plexiglas) between tables
    • Menus must be available digitally on smartphones
    • Individual condiments must be provided for each table to limit physical contact
    • Ambient music will need to be at a moderate level so that people do not have to raise their voices, thus limiting respiratory droplets
    • Valet services will be permitted provided that contact surfaces are disinfected every time
  • In bars:
    • Customers will compulsorily need to be seated
    • Tables will be limited to a maximum of 10 people
    • Ambient music will need to be at a moderate level so that people do not have to raise their voices, thus limiting respiratory droplets
  • Museums and exhibition halls with one constraint: access and visitor flow must be regulated using a one-way route around the exhibits
  • Beaches and sun decks, these are currently accessible for active use; sunbathing will be allowed but there must be a distance of 1.5 m between towels and sun loungers, including those used by members of the same family
  • Some arts activities with reduced capacity, such as the Fort Antoine performances and the concerts at the Palace
  • Casinos and gaming rooms, which will need to take every second slot machine out of service to comply with distancing rules and introduce separators at gaming tables, as well as systematic cleaning of dice and tokens
  • Convention centres, provided that they comply with sterilisation rules
  • Individual sports, including competitive swimming. Team and contact sports, on the other hand, will require a specific approach for each discipline

The 4 phases

Phase 1

4 May

All shops (1 person/4 m²)
Government services
Places of worship (safe distance of 1.5 m between people + mask)
Hairdressers, beauty salons and healthcare practices by appointment
Takeaways (with management of queues)
Construction sites
Private vessels allowed to leave port
Use of private helicopters

Phase 2

11 may

Schools (gradual return)
Academy of Music (will remain closed)
Crèches (will remain closed)
  Phase 3
2 June  
Restaurants, cafés
Gaming rooms
Exhibition halls
Sporting activities
Beaches and swimming pools
  Phase 4
Cinemas (12 June)
Gyms (15 june)
Performance halls (12 June)

The 10 conditions

Hand sanitiser available everywhere
Regular sterilisation of passageways and places where people gather
Masks mandatory on public transport and in shops
Gloves not advised
Mandatory social distancing – 1.5 m
Plexiglass in shops
Ongoing checks
Mandatory appointments for healthcare practices, dentists and hairdressers
No gatherings of more than 10 people
No access to sports grounds and playgrounds


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