I’m going about my everyday life

I’m going about my everyday life

Dernière modification le 29/04/2020

Reducing movement, as well as complying with social distancing rules, is one of the most effective measures in limiting the spread of the virus. It is now time to apply this measure everywhere, in all circumstances.

Restrictions on movement and the full range of preventive measures are the only way to limit the spread of the virus. This means that we have to make changes to the way we live our daily lives: how we go out, how we shop, how we conduct our social lives, and how we look after and educate our children…

The probability that an infected person will infect the other people in their household is very high.

Toutefois, vous pouvez prendre des précautions en adoptant les gestes barrière valables ailleurs :

However, there are precautions you can take by adopting barrier measures valid elsewhere:

  • wash your hands
  • cough into your elbow
  • clean the most regularly used surfaces

If you strongly suspect an infection, do not share meals and use different bathrooms if you can.

No. Not within buildings or your neighbourhood, because the risk of transmission is the same as if you bump into people in the street.

If you need help, the social and emergency services are of course available to you.

The website dfm.mc has all the information and useful contacts you need regarding violence against women.
You can contact the freephone number 0800 91 90 10  seven days a week for information.

Do you need to discuss your situation and find out what your options are in complete confidentiality?
You can contact the Victims of Criminal Offences Help Association (AVIP) by email avip@monaco.mc or by phone 93 25 00 07.

You can also contact the Department of Social Welfare and Social Services by emailing daso@gouv.mc or by calling 98 98 41 00.

In an emergency, whether you are a victim or a witness, please contact the Police Department on 17 or on 93 15 30 15.
If you cannot use the telephone, you can email sos-violences@gouv.mc

It is also possible to report violence at pharmacies in Monaco, who will offer guidance or raise the alarm in emergency situations.

Monaco Post Office announces regularly on its website, www.lapostemonaco.mc , the level of service it is able to offer the following days, in the different areas of activity.

It is important to distinguish between private sites and public sites (for work commissioned by the State). In the case of public construction sites, the State, as project owner, took the decision to halt all except one, the Larvotto beach site. As for private construction sites, it is solely up to the relevant project owners to assume responsibility. The role of the State under these exceptional circumstances is limited to making sure that strict health rules are adhered to.

Further details of these measures are available on Service Public for Businesses website.

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Larvotto is the only public construction site that the Prince’s Government has decided to keep running, at a reduced level of activity. This has been done on public interest grounds, to enable Monegasque nationals and residents to have access to 100% of the beach this year, and to ensure full completion of the resort area, including the shops, by summer 2021.

The Government is imposing very strict health conditions on the contractor: the number of employees on site has been limited, and each worker has their temperature taken morning and evening. Meals are taken on site, with stringent rules surrounding distribution. Finally, an inspector is present on site at all times, with expanded authority to take action up to and including calling a halt to work in the event of a failure to comply with the health rules.

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Any formal prohibition on private construction sites would expose the State to significant financial consequences. The various operators could seek compensation from the State. The sums involved would be considerable, and the Government cannot and will not take this risk, particularly at a time when the public finances are under pressure to limit the economic impact of the health crisis. These sites are also subject to clear health rules. Monitoring is in place and will be strengthened further.

Further details of these measures are available  on Public Service for Businesses website.

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A mutual aid group has been set up on Facebook for Monaco residents during the lockdown period.

The aim of the group is to make it easier for Monegasque residents to help each other during the mandatory lockdown.

You can check out the offers of assistance or add new ones via the following website: https://www.aides-monaco.info

Any question about coronavirus?
  92 05 55 00
The Covid19 call centre is available 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm
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