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You must wear a mask if you want to go into a shop. Customers without a mask will not be able to enter. However, traders can decide to supply masks to customers who may not have their own. This is up to individual traders.

Yes, depending on the structure of your business, you can apply for either the Exceptional Minimum Income (for sole trader activities) or the Business Support.

Do not forget that receipt of this subsidy - whether the Exceptional Minimum Income or the Business Support - does not prevent you from applying to your bank for a cash flow loan or an overdraft facility, which will be guaranteed by the Monegasque Guarantee Fund.

For more information consult Public Services for Businesses website. 

Please note :
These measures expired on 15 May 2020.
If you are recipient of Exceptional Minimum Income or Business Support for March, it will be paid automatically for April, you will not need to do anything further.
However, any new applications received after 15 May will not be accepted.

Shops which remain open must put in place preventive measures, particularly :

  • A distance of 1 meter between each person
  • Not more than 1person/m²
  • 1 person/10m² in common parts of shopping centres
  • Indicate the capacity of the shops on a sign at the entrance
  • Health professionnals offices, haidressers… : only on appointment
  • Materialize on the ground a “circuit” of forward movement in the shops, markings to avoid queues at the checkout and ensure ventilation of the shops.

Moreover, wearing a mask is mandatory for all clients inside the shop or in the queue.

All measures that must be put in place are available on Public Service for Businesses website.

No.  To support traders, Monaco City Hall is making traders who rent municipal premises exempt from paying their rent or other fees for the month of March and until the end of the crisis.

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Interest subsidy

The extension of the interest subsidy for financial assistance (authorised overdrafts or cash flow loans) is being granted to traders, businesses and craftspersons in Monaco to help them address temporary cash flow problems resulting from the COVID-19 health crisis.

Under certain conditions, the State will subsidise the interest rate charged by the lending institution, reducing to 0% the interest rate paid by the company in receipt of the loan or overdraft.

My company has a lot of payments due and my cash flow has been severely impacted by the health crisis.

The Prince’s Government has introduced a procedure that allows businesses in the Principality which have been affected by the health and economic crisis to make use of the Monegasque Guarantee Fund. This enables them to benefit from a 100% counter-guarantee from the State.

Using simplified procedures, business owners will be able to access up to €50,000 to pay salaries and rent, which are their primary fixed costs. These loans from the bank will be guaranteed by the State, such that in the event that the borrower defaults, the State will reimburse the bank. This means that the risk to the bank is nil. The State has budgeted €50 million to guarantee these loans.

A measure has been put in place for cash flow loans and overdraft facilities amounting to between €50,000 and €500,000, granted to businesses affected by the crisis.

Please contact your bank to take advantage of this measure.

For more information about these measures, please consult the Public Services for Businesses website.

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Businesses operated from a state-owned apartment

With regard to those authorised to run a business from home, the associated fees will be lifted. A letter will be sent to those concerned to inform them that there will be no charge from 1 January 2020. Those who have already paid will be reimbursed as soon as possible.

State-owned commercial premises

Traders who are forced to close will automatically be exempted from rent and charges for the second quarter of 2020. Those affected will not need to complete any formalities, and will be notified by a letter from the State Property Authority. Rent and charges for March 2020 will be reimbursed to the retailers concerned

For any further information, you can send an email to or call 98 98 44 66.

State-owned office and industrial premises

Consideration is currently being given to measures to support businesses affected by the crisis who experience a significant drop in revenue. Details and procedures will be published on this website soon.

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Deferment of social security contributions

Employers and self-employed workers in the Principality who are experiencing a significant drop in activity due to the Coronavirus epidemic can contact the Social Security Contributions Collection Office to request staggered payment of their contributions.

Deferment of supplementary pension contributions (AG2R)

If your company is experiencing significant cash flow problems, you can defer all or part of your Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension contribution payments due on 25 April.

For more information about these measures, please consult the Public Services for Businesses website.

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The Prince’s Government has decided to allow the Principality’s employers access to its supply lines for masks, offering them the opportunity to purchase alternative masks for their employees working in the Principality at cost price, subject to availability.

You can order the masks online and collect them according to the procedures that you will receive following your order.

Please note : The distribution centre will close on Wednesday, July 15. Requests can be made until July 14 at 6 pm. After this date, companies will no longer have access to the online service and will no longer be able to purchase masks.

Find out all the information about this procedure on Public Services  for Businesses website.

The aim of the "Monaco Safe" certification is to ensure that customers and visitors to the Principality of Monaco are received in the best possible conditions in shops, hotels, restaurants, conference centres, museums and all places that are open to the public, in compliance with the health regulations in force to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Through this certification, the Government also wishes to highlight the efforts made by professionals and their employees to receive their customers in the best possible conditions.

Certification is obtained on a voluntary basis, is free of charge and following a full end-to-end paperless procedure.  A dedicated online service is available to make it easier to apply and process applications within a very short timescale, it being stressed that the certification process is based on the implementation of the health protocols that are currently in force for each sector of activity and are known to all:

Certified economic players will be able to use the official "Monaco Safe" logo in their own communications and will benefit from high visibility on the networks that are commonly used by the State.  In addition, the Tourist and Convention Authority and the Welcome Office will work with professional representative bodies and the Monaco Economic Board in order to make the "Monaco Safe" certification known to as many players as possible, well beyond our borders.

Contact utile: Welcome Office - (+377) 98 98 98 90 –

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