I need to see a health professional

I need to see a health professional

Dernière modification le 29/04/2020

Yes, if your appointment is going ahead because it is considered to be one that cannot be postponed (cancer treatment, for example).

All activities that can be postponed without reducing the patient’s chance of success have been cancelled.

Yes. Some doctors have already introduced a teleconsultation system.

Such a system has been rolled out at Princess Grace Hospital to enable specialist doctors to continue monitoring their patients via a secure application.

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Monaco’s taxi services are offering a free service to take people who receive home care assistance to their medical appointments.

To make use of this service, please contact Monaco Town Hall on 93 15 28 35

Yes, but only if this is necessary for your health.


Consult your doctor by telephone or online first. He or she will tell you if you need to come into the practice.

If you think you have contracted COVID-19 and develop serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, call the emergency services directly on 18 or 112.


To help reduce the spread of the virus, dental practices have been temporarily closed to the public.

Each practice can still be contacted by telephone, with call forwarding in place, or by email (this will be indicated on an answering machine message where appropriate) in order to ensure teleconsultations.

In the event of an emergency you will, if necessary, be referred by your dental surgeon to one of the dental practices in the Principality able to offer a consultation.

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