Who can get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Who can get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Last update: 08/03/2022

Vaccination is on a voluntary basis. 

Anyone aged 5 years or older who is a Monegasque national or resident, is a pupil or student educated in Monaco, or who works in Monaco can be vaccinated free of charge. 

For children under 12 years of age, vaccination will take place at the National Vaccination Centre, in an area specially set up for them, following a medical consultation on site with a paediatrician.

An authorisation form signed by both parents will need to be presented first.

Those who work in the Principality must show proof of employment.

Minors must be accompanied by a legal representative and must present a duly completed authorisation form (either joint authorisation from their legal representatives, or sole authorisation if they only have one legal representative). This can be downloaded below.

Those wishing to be vaccinated can sign up by following the instructions given here. 

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