PCR Test

PCR Test

Last update: 06/05/2021

The PCR test is a test that takes a few seconds and can be more or less painful depending on the sensitivity of each individual. To confirm or deny the presence of the virus, deep nasal cells are removed using a swab, a kind of long cotton swab that is inserted into the nasal cavities, up to about 15 cm. It takes three to six hours to analyze a sample, regardless of transit times.

Patients under 18 yo who are not systematically accompanied by their legal representative or have parental consent (document to download here) cannot be screened.

Residents can, without a prescription, by appointment, come to the National Screening Center. To make an appointment, please contact the COVID19 Call Center at 92 05 55 00, available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You can do a PCR test in a medical biology laboratory in town (see list below) or at the National Screening Center.


Laboratoire de la Condamine
T. +377 97 98 62 68 | F. +377 97 77 56 45

Laboratoire de Fontvieille
T. +377 97 98 62 62 | F. +377 97 98 62 63

Laboratoire de Monte-Carlo
T. +377 93 30 45 50 | F. +377 93 30 67 32

Laboratoire des Moneghetti
T. +377 93 50 99 00 | F. +377 93 50 99 05

Yes, on medical prescription.

  1. If you have COVID symptoms and the antigen test result is negative, it is a good idea to have a PCR test to confirm that you do not have the disease. While waiting for the result of your PCR test, you should self-isolate at home
  2. If your antigen test result is positive but you do not have symptoms, the result should be confirmed before epidemiological tracing begins. Out of caution, you should self-isolate at home while awaiting the PCR test result

An employer cannot ask to receive the results of the PCR tests of his or her employees. The employer can contact the office of occupational medicine (OMT) to obtain confirmation of the possible response of the work of its employees following the epidemiological investigation carried out.


If your PCR test is positive, you must self-isolate for 7 days. You will be covered by a medical certificate that you can send to your employer.

Any question about coronavirus?
  92 05 55 00
The Covid19 call centre is available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm
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