Antigen test

Antigen test

Dernière modification le 25/05/2022

The antigen test looks for proteins on the surface of the virus. They are only detectable if the virus is alive.

The antigen test is done from a nasal swab taken with a swab. It doesn’t have to be sent to a lab. A few drops of reagent are mixed with the sample collected and then deposited on a small strip which changes colour depending on whether the patient is positive or negative for SARS-CoV-2 (just like a pregnancy test).

The result is quick. The waiting time can vary from 10 to 30 minutes.

  • If you need to travel to a country that accepts antigen tests for entry to its territory
  • If you have had symptoms for less than four days

Since Saturday 11 March 2023, people who have tested positive for covid19 are no longer obliged to isolate themselves and can therefore continue their professional activity.
It is still recommended to respect the barrier measures and to consult one's doctor in case of symptoms.

If your PCR/rapid antigen test was carried out in Monaco, you can request a recovery certificate by completing the online form available on the following link.

I can get tested at any age at:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Medical biology laboratories
  • Chemists


From age 12 up, by: 

  • Red Cross first aiders
  • Military Force soldiers
  • Police Department staff

It is quicker than the PCR test and gives a result in 15-30 minutes.

The 15 chemists offering the test, by appointment and with or without a prescription are:

  • Pharmacie de l’Annonciade
  • Pharmacie de l’Estoril
  • Pharmacie de Fontvieille
  • Pharmacie Internationale
  • Pharmacie du Jardin Exotique
  • Pharmacie des Moulins
  • Pharmacie de Monte-Carlo
  • Pharmacie Wehrel
  • Pharmacie Ferry
  • Pharmacie Bughin
  • Pharmacie Rocher
  • Pharmacie Plati
  • Pharmacie Médecin
  • Pharmacie Centrale
  • Pharmacie San Carlo


YES the antigen test is covered by the compulsory health insurance plan.

Any question about coronavirus?
  92 05 55 00
The Covid19 call centre is available 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm
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