Restrictions of movements

Restrictions of movements

Dernière modification le 15/05/2020

Reducing movement, as well as complying with social distancing rules, is one of the most effective measures in limiting the spread of the virus. It is now time to apply this measure everywhere, in all circumstances.

As such, and until 3 May inclusive, all movement is now prohibited except for the following purposes:

Prohibited between 10 pm and 5 am : 
To purchase essential supplies or supplies required for work 
For a short time, close to your home, to get some fresh air or walk your dog
Permitted between 10 pm and 5 am :
To seek health care

To travel to or from work
For critical family reasons
To assist vulnerable people

In all circumstances, keep your distance from others (more than 1.5 metres) and avoid all gatherings.

Employees must carry proof of to travel for business purposes whenever they are travelling for work-related reasons.

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