Where is it mandatory to wear a mask in Monaco ?

Where is it mandatory to wear a mask in Monaco ?

Dernière modification le 12/01/2021

Wearing a mask, covering the mouth and nose, is compulsory:

  • on public roads
  • in outdoor public spaces
  • in underground parking lots
  • in all enclosed spaces open to the public,
  • in all establishments open to the public,
  • in all industrial buildings and in all buildings used as offices, unless the operator is in individual work and does not accommodate the public or if dividers at least 95 centimeters high from the desk top have been installed between the workstations
  • in the common areas of private enclosed spaces
  • in all public and private elevators
  • in public transport, taxis and large vehicles

However, this obligation does not apply to children under the age of five and to people engaged in outdoor sports. In the latter case, the person is nevertheless required to be in possession of a mask and to wear it as soon as they stop practicing sports.

Wearing a mask is recommended in private places in the presence of others, particularly if it is a person outside the home or a vulnerable person.

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