Last update: 04/09/2020

Yes. You must go to work.

It is up to the employer to decide whether or not to introduce home working.

Employers may refuse but will need to justify their decision.

Only a doctor can assess the seriousness of your symptoms and, if needed, prescribe sick leave.

Contact your doctor by phone or seek a teleconsultation.


Yes. Employees who have a season ticket and have been temporarily laid off can ask for their season ticket to be suspended by simply contacting the Public Car Parks Office at spp@gouv.mc .

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Yes, you can visit your normal doctor, a private nurse or a chemist.

All of these health professionals have received prior training to enable them to carry out these tests.

You are responsible for meeting the cost of their test. The following conditions apply:

  • For tests carried out by nurses or chemists, the cost is 10 euros, which is the cost of the rapid diagnostic test, plus a supplement for carrying out the test which must not exceed 15 euros
  • For tests carried out by private doctors, the cost is 10 euros plus the consultation fee

Yes. The Monegasque Bus Company (CAM) is resuming normal service for all buses, including the Bateau Bus (water bus). The only exceptions to this are the night services, N1 and N2, which will remain closed.

The following health measures apply:

  • The wearing of masks is mandatory on public transport
  • No tickets will be sold on board: There are 12 automatic ticket machines located throughout the Principality, and the shop at 22/24 Rue du Gabian is open from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 pm

The following procedures continue to apply:

  • Buses will be disinfected twice a day
  • Buses will stop at every stop (to avoid the need for people to press the buttons)

About buses for and from France

Buses for and from France are resuming their’re normal service.

Zest bus: https://www.zestbus.fr/ 

About trains

For real-time information on trains to and from Monaco you can consult the following link : https://www.garesetconnexions.sncf/fr/gare/frxmm/monaco-monte-carlo

To plan your travel in the Principality, you can download the Citymapper app, where information is updated daily by the Prince’s Government as the situation changes.

Employees who usually receive a gross base salary of less than or equal to EUR 2,075.16, for 169 hours per month, will not lose any of their income. They will receive their usual net salary, since this is less than EUR 1,800.00.

Employees who usually receive a gross base salary of between EUR 2,075.17 and EUR 2,571.43, for 169 hours per month, will be entitled to the safeguard clause at a rate of EUR 1,800.00.

If your employer wishes to pay the extra 20% so that you continue to receive your full salary, the State will exempt the employer from social security contributions on this additional portion.

In the case of higher salaries, a cap has been set at 4.5 times the minimum wage.

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Your employer cannot force employees to take leave without giving prior notice.

Act No. 619 enacting the system for annual paid leave, stipulates that the notice period must be a minimum of one month. This can be reduced to 15 days by special agreement.

The employee will be equipped by his employer.

The Prince’s Government has decided to allow the Principality’s employers access to its supply lines for masks, offering them the opportunity to purchase alternative masks for their employees working in the Principality at cost price, subject to availability.

Masks can be ordered online and collected according to the procedures that will be sent following the order.

Employees travelling in from outside the Principality will need to procure their own masks for their first journey to Monaco. On arrival at work, they will be supplied with masks. As of 30 April, 650,000 masks had been distributed to companies.

Find out all the information about this procedure on Public Services  for Businesses website.

Any question about coronavirus ?
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The Covid19 call centre is available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm
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