Last update: 04/09/2020

The following health measures have been introduced in schools:

  • Masks must be worn by all staff and pupils from Year 2 (CP) upwards
  • Hands are to be washed and sanitised several times a day
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the school entrance and all appropriate locations
  • Unless it is absolutely impossible, a safe distance from others is to be maintained at all times: classrooms have been reorganised and one-way systems and signage have been introduced, etc.
  • Mealtimes have been reorganised to comply with health guidelines
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection of premises is in place
  • Raising awareness among educational staff with regard to identifying the symptoms of COVID-19 in order to implement the necessary measures immediately
  • If a pupil or teacher is found to be positive, the whole class will be offered a PCR test

From Year 2 (CP) upwards, children will need to wear a mask all day. Each child will be given a kit containing two fabric masks on their return to school.

Please wear a mask outside schools and sports facilities and avoid gathering in crowds; comply with barrier measures and ensure that children comply too.

If your child or a member of your family starts to show symptoms of COVID-19, and particularly if they have a fever (38°C or higher), do not send your child to school.

Call your usual doctor, who will advise you on what to do.

Any question about coronavirus ?
  92 05 55 00
The Covid19 call centre is available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm
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