I am an entrepreneur, trader or self-employed

I am an entrepreneur, trader or self-employed

Dernière modification le 29/04/2020

To support you during these unusual times and ensure the stability of our economy, the Prince’s Government has introduced immediate support measures to help affected businesses, regardless of their size.

Businesses in Monaco that are encountering proven financial difficulties may request a review of their situation with a view to staggering tax payments (corporate tax and/or VAT only). The businesses concerned nonetheless have a responsibility to comply with their reporting obligations by the legal deadlines.

For more information on this measure: How-to-declare-and-pay-VAT

The Welcome Office's Covid19 Business Unit remains open to businesses in difficulty due to the global crisis. For any request, write to covid19entreprises@gouv.mc 

Businesses operated from a state-owned apartment

With regard to those authorised to run a business from home, the associated fees will be lifted. A letter will be sent to those concerned to inform them that there will be no charge from 1 January 2020. Those who have already paid will be reimbursed as soon as possible.

State-owned commercial premises

Traders who are forced to close will automatically be exempted from rent and charges for the second quarter of 2020. Those affected will not need to complete any formalities, and will be notified by a letter from the State Property Authority. Rent and charges for March 2020 will be reimbursed to the retailers concerned

For any further information, you can send an email to administration.domaines@gouv.mc or call 98 98 44 66.

State-owned office and industrial premises

Consideration is currently being given to measures to support businesses affected by the crisis who experience a significant drop in revenue. Details and procedures will be published on this website soon.

Oui. Les employeurs et travailleurs indépendants de la Principauté rencontrant une baisse significative d’activité liée à l’épidémie de Coronavirus et se trouvant dans l’impossibilité de faire face aux prochaines échéances peuvent introduire une demande auprès du Service Recouvrement des Caisses Sociales de Monaco. Il suffit de décrire la nature des difficultés rencontrées et les coordonnées complètes, dont le matricule, du travailleur indépendant et/ou de la société.

Attention, les employeurs doivent, dans tous les cas, procéder aux formalités déclaratives habituelles. Sont donc concernées d’une part, les cotisations CCSS/CAR/Assurance Chômage et d’autre part, les cotisations CAMTI/CARTI.

L’analyse est faite au cas par cas. Une réponse est transmise, dans les meilleurs délais, par voie électronique.

Plus d’infos sur le http://www.caisses-sociales.mc/

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