Can I get vaccinated in Monaco as an employee of the Principality?

Can I get vaccinated in Monaco as an employee of the Principality?

Last update: 20/03/2023

Yes, the Prince’s Government is extending free vaccination to those insured under social security under Monegasque regimes. This is part of the Principality’s vaccination strategy, which aims to eventually offer vaccination coverage to its entire resident population as well as to its workers.

Volunteers are invited to report their intention to be vaccinated to the Covidl9 Call Center at, reachable 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or online on Monacosanté.

They will then be called back to make an appointment to be vaccinated at the National Vaccination Center located in the Ranier III Auditorium, provided with an identity document and proof of professional activity in the Principality.

The vaccine will be administered after a pre-vaccination medical consultation at the National Vaccination Center. This practitioner will be able to provide complete information on the vaccine available and will indicate whether vaccination is possible, taking into account in particular any medical history.

The appointment for the booster injection will be set for the first injection.

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